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Thread: Sudden movement ruins the day

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    Sudden movement ruins the day

    I know this is basic advice, and has been mentioned many times before, but i cannot stress the importance of not making sudden movements when stalking.
    It doesn't make a jot of difference if you have the latest all singing all dancing cammo, you will be seen.
    In the states we referred to other hunters we observed in the field as 'pumpkin coats' because of the blaze orange, but when we stalked a deer on the plains it wasn't the bright colours that brought us to the attention of the deer it was movement, they could see us 3 miles away i kid you not.

    The reason i am writing this is my experince this afternoon, i finally found where the red deer have been feeding (the most inaccessable place you could imagine, not even a quad can get there safely) it was a strong easterly wind but fitted in with my plans, i came across a gate which i had to climb, before i did i spied across the valley and observed 6 red hinds, they were settled except the lead hind, she just wouldn't settle down, so i figured that i wouldn't be skylined if i got over the gate but the background was a grass field, so i very, very slowly placed my sticks over the gate and stepped up, using the bino's the hind was looking but not right at me, i stepped over and kicked my sticks, i made a grab for them and the sudden movement caught her eye, i froze but she wasn't stupid, off she trotted with the 5 others following, i ranged it out of curiosity, over 600 yards away.

    It wasn't the first time and won't be last but very frustrating all the same.



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    Unlike ourselves the deer know every detail of there surroundings,they have to .Any movement will get their attention but its the severity of the movement that dictates the action needed and automatically triggers flight as you said .The more they are disturbed the lower this threshold gets too ive found .I can remember doing up a popper on my coat years ago whilst glassing a group of fallow at range that were very jumpy and off they went at about 4oo yrds away.

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    I think when you concider how quite it is in the forest , and the fact when you are in there how we can hear things miles away , the deer know every thing thats happening ,
    Years ago I had seen a very old buck and his patch reeked of him , one day I approached the clear fell from the opposite direction due to the wind direction and started glassing the area , I had caught deer out in clear fell before , and there was the buck grazing on his patch I opened the sticks out to steady the binoculars on the top and they clicked , this was at 600 plus meters and he heard it . Gone !
    I wouldnt dismiss she heard you and you confirmed it when she saw you move .


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