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Thread: Tika Sako similarities

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    Tika Sako similarities

    Ey up

    I have heard say that certain Sako and Tika rifles are very similar. With this in mind, has anyone fitted a Sako stock to a Tika, or vice versa ?

    Reason I ask, is that I have Tika M595, stainless, and recentley picked up a Sako 75 in synthetic and absolutley loved the stock. One of the nicest rifles I`ve handled, but I do love my 595, so my wee mind started wandering.

    Could it be done ?

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    One can do a lot with a wooden stock and almost anything with a good composite stock.
    Factory injection moulded stocks are a curse to work with. Easy to remove material but very difficult
    if not impossible to add material.
    I have fitted all sorts of rifles in composite stocks. L579 in Remmy and Howa inlet, Sako 75 in T3 inlet, T3 in Remmy inlet, Mauser in T3 inlet etc.
    Huge ammount of work but doable.

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    Thanks for that

    Wouldn`t be into doing it if it was a huge hassle, as the laminate stock on the 595 is pretty good anyway. I had just heard that they might be a similar action, so wondered, what if ?

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    The bottom inlet on a 75 is much wider than on a 595.
    I wouldn't want to tackle it- but if you fancy a go I have a factory synthetic stock for a 75 which is yours for 75 posted.

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    Tikka & Sako share barrels and triggers. The action, bolt, recoil lug, receiver are completely different. Forget that they are the same company in that respect.

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