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Thread: Nightvision options for 1400

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    Nightvision options for 1400

    I'm thinking about getting a nightvision scope to go for the old foxes that are not playing fair on the lamp i'm looking to spend up to around 1400. I would prefer to buy the product new.There seems to be more and more coming on the market now which makes choosing them more challanging and everyone is supposed to better than the other. I want to be able see foxes at about 300meters and see them ok. Some of the area's i would be going on i would be shooting at range of between 100 to 250 if this is possible. Any ideas on what options to go for?

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    Pulsar N750, doubler from Scott Country and Nightmaster 800IR will easily do 300 yards on most nights.

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    hi bud have you thought about purchasing a night vision spotter rather than a dedicated weapon sight spot the foxes with the n/v then hit them with the lamp can be purchased from ebay gen2 lots of them about forget digital stuff to much mucking around there have bean a few minox gen2 brand new on flee bay for under 600pounds or purchase a envis they come up for 1500 can be mounted behind day scope or fit cmount lense from camera to use as 5xspotter they are militery units using mx10160 gen 3 tubes pvs 14 will set you back 2000 /to 2500dedicated rifle sight d760/480 gen3 same price as pvs14 all will see 300yards no problem ad on behind a cheep day scope can go to 300yards dedicated much further do not use good scope with ad on unit as the coatings on the glass block ir light getting to the tube ags 8x32x56 with a lazer iluminator will get the job done hope it helps

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