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Thread: Bench Rest

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    Bench Rest

    What's the opinions out there on the most effective, ajustable, bench rest, for zeroing etc

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    JR. I prefer to be prone on the ground. If you've a dedicated spot, then maybe putting in a concrete bench would be an option? Regards JCS

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    get yourself soe thing like a caldwell rock front rest for zeroing theyt make the job a lot easier give us a shout if you need any pictures etc how iu use one
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    Spud sells some contraptions of the devil! Can't remember the name of them but they clamp, tilt and lock!

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    lol deerman do you mean the bipod?
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    thats a seb coaxial front rest
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    Thankyou for recommendations thus far. Just curiosity thinking about how we can take the human element out of zeroing.
    I'm sure there are unlimited possibilities - - totally remote rifles, monitors, electronic triggers etc.
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    To remove the bad influences of the human element without resorting to uber-sophisticated & expensive shooting rest /clamp devices, probably the most effective aid is to make the firer comfortable & ergonomically right. i.e. use proper profiled shooting bench with a comfy adjustable seat set at the right height for it. You can't shoot well repeatedly if you're uncomfortable. A prone position can help if there isn't a good bench around & it's particularly good if you can lie without needing to strain upwards to get on target i.e it's nicer to shoot down hill from a flat bed than up hill.
    Then bunny bag rear (set at the right height) & a solidly built, adjustable front rest or bag rest set at the right height will work in your favour. I often use elbow pads to reduce discomfort too. (I used to get skinned elbows when I did some long load testing days on the benches at the BSRC Bisley).
    Whatever rests you use they should be firm, probably quite heavy yet soft surfaced to aid comfort.
    If you want to play, I have an adjustable front rest you can borrow to try.


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