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Thread: New Member from Hampshire

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    New Member from Hampshire

    Hello everyone,
    I'm based in Hampshire and new to Deer Stalking, but fairly experienced with Shotgun as i am keen on Driven Game, Shooting, Pigeon Shooting and occasionally Rough Shooting.
    I have a 22 Rimfire that I use for Bunny bashing and a .303 WW1 Lee Enfield that i use for Target, usually at Bisley.
    I'm a Deer Stalking novice, but have passed my DSC1 and have been out now on 5 Stalks. Took my first deer, a Muntjac a couple of weeks ago. Keen to take my first Roe Buck and also to build up some sound experience and knowledge.
    I'd like to be in a position to start my DSC2 next year.

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    welcome to the site
    im sure you wil enjoy your time on here
    all the best pete .

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    Hi Naseby,


    Whereabouts in Hampshire are you based?

    I shoot at Bisley every few weeks so let me know when you're shooting and i'll pop over and say hi.

    You'll find the site, and members of the site, very helpful and informative.


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    Welcome to the site. I occasionally stalk on some land in Hampshire but most of my stalking is in Berkshire. There are quite a few 'locals' on the site but everyone will make you welcome.

    Look forward to reading your posts.


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    Hi Naseby

    Welcome to the site

    Where abouts in Hampshire are you?

    There are a good many members that have helped me out locally so im sure you will recieve a lot of good advice and help

    I have met a great chap who is an AW. He is giving me a real hand up and not charging me for stalking the deer required to complete my level two.
    Having not paid for his initial hand up he is passing the same good deed on.

    Obviously i am very indebted and gratefull



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    Thanks for the warm welcome

    I'm based in North East Hampshire, not far from Alton.

    However I'm doing my stalking in West Berkshire near Newbury, while I build up knowledge and experience. Thanks for the warm welcome guys

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