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Thread: Jahti Jakt Camo

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    Jahti Jakt Camo

    Hi All,

    Does anyone have any experience with the Jahti Jakt Camo range?

    I've used their standard "green" range and found it be very good. I'm now looking for some camo gear and wondered if this was worth the money.


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    Thinking the same,

    Haven't tried it yet but going by previous stuff it should be good

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    These people are sometimes worth a look for a good deal on clothing and other stuff:


    Only had one dealing with them but good service and I got an excellent deal, would certainly use them again.

    Maybe not exactly what you are looking for but maybe you can get something similar and save a few quid.

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    Review of Jakti clothing

    George Trebinski did a good review of this clothing in the BDS magazine. I think it was the Autumn 2008 issue.

    He was complimentary - you get alot for your money.

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    I bought the package, which included the jacket, trousers, fleece, hat, longjohns and under top etc. Have had it for 3ish years now and worn it regularly. Only comment is that the jacket & trousers needed a reproofing a couple of months ago, but anything of this sort is going to need that (I used NIKWAX wash in treatment BTW).

    It has a load of pockets, to the stage where I dont carry a bag anymore as I can fit all I need to stalk with in the various jacket or trouser pockets. Breathability is very good, yet jacket is warm enough that the fleece/ underwear only come out mid winter.

    Worn last sunday night when it was absolutely tipping it down, all the kit was soaking on the outside but i was bone dry inside. Well recommended

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    How does this gear compare to the deerhunter ram?

    I have a ram jacket and trousers just now,but the jahti package seems a good deal.

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    I bought the Ram jacket when it was first imported and was very satisfied with the number of pockets etc.

    Not so happy with the way the soft 'peached' material catches on the barb wire that tops many of our hedges down here in sunny Devon.

    In REALLY prolonged rain, I found that water would wick back from the cuffs leaving my forearms soaked.

    Few years later I bought the Jahti stuff when that was launched in the UK.

    Seems a little tougher, well laid out and very waterproof.

    Very happy with it and have recommended to friends.



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