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Thread: Rabbit/Pigeon Permission Wanted in Sussex

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    Rabbit/Pigeon Permission Wanted in Sussex

    Hi All,

    Looking for any land suitable for rabbit and/or pigeon shooting in Sussex with .22LR and 12g.

    Any pointers as to who or where to approach would be appreciated too.

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    Knock doors mate, it`s the only way.

    I took on some permission from the council, which has led to another 3 farms as permission as they bordered the council land I was rabbiting on.

    Perseverance bud, I`ve been chapping doors every year for the last 20 to make sure i have fresh productive permission

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    As Rake said just get out there door knocking and think about where to ask. Think a bit laterally and ask places where they will be experiencing damage from rabbits and pigeons. Places like orchards, nurseries (plants not kids) garden centres all places overlooked by most but can be very productive and with a high turnover of people so plenty of chances for people to talk and recommend you if you're doing a good job.

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