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Thread: Stalking in Lincolnshire wanted

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    Stalking in Lincolnshire wanted

    Hi guys

    We've recently moved to Lincolnshire and im looking to go out for a few stalks - is there anyone local? We are near to Spilsby.

    We're surrounded by deer where we now live, literally on our doorstep - but ive no permissions here yet and its driving me potty!!

    Please let me know if there is anything available - and at reasonable cost (Christmas, moving house = we are now a bit poor!)



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    Have you tried tumby estate? They sell a lot of fallow stalking, think revesby might have stopped now. I lived in old Bolingbroke for 6 years and did a lot for Munties round there. Lincs deer group is with joining as well.

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    Cheers Benc

    Ive just emailed LDG, lets see what they say.

    Ive also contacted a couple of sporting agents with ties here but still interested to hear from anyone else. Its a pain being away from your mates and making new contacts and friends when you move!

    We walk the dogs at Snipe Dales a couple of times a week - nice countyside around Bolingbroke.


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    Daemo, try JW stalking he lives about half hour from me but sure he has the stalking in an estate in Lincolnshire... Might be worth a try?

    Regards, Jez
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Cheers Jez

    Just emailed him

    Thanks very much


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    bit further away but ive got fallow roe,muntys in cambridgeshire/norfolk/northamton cheers

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    Hi pboro shot

    Thanks very much for getting in touch.

    Im going to try and stay local if I can, build contacts etc - as I don't know anyone here at all!

    Kind Regards


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    no worries if you fancy a bit of a road trip accomodation available

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