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Thread: Master rifle maker! - now here is a real craftsman....

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    Master rifle maker! - now here is a real craftsman....

    Think modern rifle makers are good - just watch this craftsman at work! Watch this to the end and be amazed.... Bill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Its blocked wont let you view it
    Just click on watch on youtube and it will open up.

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    Added to my watch later list, seems I'm just about out of band width this month
    On the plus side it will pass an hour once out of hospital end of next week


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    this is absolutely fascinating thanks for sharing, wayne
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    Great vid that my Parker hale barrel is hammer forged also.

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    ― Criss Jami

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    Thanks for posting best thing ive watched for a long while what skill they must have had to do all that with such primitive tools, true rifle smiths at work

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    What a superb watch, fascinating how the one man has so many skills. The hand rifling was especially clever

    The end result was a beautiful gun.

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    Thought I would only watch a few minutes, but just watched it all ...... couldnt take my eyes off it.... WOWWWWW !!! Amazing craftsmanship, am humbled by their skills! Thanks for sharing

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