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Thread: Training my puppy

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    Question Training my puppy

    I have got a 7 month Labrador and was wondering if anyone knows the best way to train him in all things hunting. Looking at taking him out with me for rabbits,birds and eventually deer. Any top tips???

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    Deer first, it will then be rock steady to everything else!

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    Stop,calm down,make a decision about what you want to do with your dog.A labrador is not an "all things to all men" dog.If you want to do all things hunting buy an HPR.
    I work my labs on picking up, I have one bitch that will track and find but her main job is as a picking up dog.I also work a HWV which will do everything including professional picking up but his main love is deer work.
    If you rough shoot you can get away with it but your lab will be "hot".
    Do the basics ,stop whistle is a must,sit stay is a must,heelwork must be good.Remember its about turning on the right bit of wolf in the dog

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