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Thread: .257r . Does anybody have one

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    .257r . Does anybody have one

    I'd really like some help. Does anybody have a .257r that I can try a few shots with. The rifle I should have bought instead of the .243 is still on the shelf of the gunshop saying " Please buy me!!"
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    Would have thought it would be just the same as the 243. I bet Muir has a whole bunch!! Off you go and buy it

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    Sits next to the 25/06, bit mire grunt than a 243. Pretty uncommon here but should be easy to live with.
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    I had a 6mm Remington which is, basically, the 257 Roberts but in a slightly smaller bullet size, ALL OTHER DIMENSIONS BEING THE SAME.

    As BOTH are the 7x57 Mauser necked down. So it has all the virtues and the one vice of the parent case design.

    So what you will either like or hate (and I like very much) is the longer neck than you get on 243 Winchester, 260 Reminton or 308 Winchester.

    The other benefit is that the cartridge feeds better in any rifle made using a surplus Mauser 98 (or Mauser 98 sized) action

    However what you also get is, compared to 243 Winchester a slighly more frequent need to trim cases. But all in all I think that you will like it.

    However on paper it doesn't actually do, in 100 grain weights, much that the 6mm Remington doesn't except use a larger diameter bullet which may, when non-lead ever becomes mandatory, be a great point in its favour.

    If you ARE going to use it I'd use the 117 grain bullet weight.
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    FWIW , I have Ruger #1B's in 243 WIN , 6mm REM and 257 Roberts !

    Load the Nosler 95 BT in the 243 , the Hornady 95 SST in the 6mm and the Hornady 117 SST in the Roberts . They all shoot well enough for whitetails out to 200 yards and they all kill well .

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    Why buy a wannabe,get the real McCoy a 25-06

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    Why buy a wannabe,get the real McCoy a 25-06
    More efficient. My MarinePMI buddy somehow walked away with my latest 257; a Remington M722. It it an excellent deer cartridge and I have had several in standard and Ackley Improved versions. I currently shoot 25 Neidner Krag which is pretty much identical, ballistically.~Muir

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    Here in Texas most of us gun'loonies' call it the Bob. It's considered a better cartridge than the 243, by most guides/landowners that I've talked to. They all seem to agree that a 243 is good 90% of the time, but will eventually let you down. I think that some of this might be do the fact that factory ammo is avaliable in varmint and deer bullets. The guy that shoots a box of ammo every 3 years, goes into a store and buys a box of 243, and goes hunting. he dosen't have a clue what it's for. It's just a thought. That being said, buy the 257. I've never known anyone who deer hunted with a Bob to trade it in for a 243. capt david

    FWIW, a friend that doesn't reload swears by the Hornady Superperformance. dp

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    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    I'd really like some help. Does anybody have a .257r that I can try a few shots with. The rifle I should have bought instead of the .243 is still on the shelf of the gunshop saying " Please buy me!!"
    Always fancied this calibre myself, but no hope for a Lefty so don't have a rifle in it. I do have a lot of technical stuff on the cartridge, reloading it, and the rifles chambered for it. Post the make & model of the .257 Roberts you're lusting after, and I'll have a look-see.

    Obviously, finding ammunition for it will be a problem but availability is better than before now that Hornady have joined the game - see Midway link below. If you were considering reloading from scratch then the last list of unprimed brass I had from Norman Clark Gunsmiths (yonks ago!) showed Winchester cases at £29.30/100 & Remington at £29.58.

    If ammo or cases aren't available, then you can reform 7x57 cases to .257 Rob. Necking up 6mm Rem isn't ideal because the shoulder is sharper so the headspace will be short ..... tried it, and been there so to speak.
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    Try the one in the shop!

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