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Thread: Husqvarna 440e 15" 41cc chainsaw

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    Husqvarna 440e 15" 41cc chainsaw

    I selling this as I bought for a job I had last year that never came off so has lived in the box for a year! mor projects to fund!

    As you can see split new chain, bar, spanner have never been out the packets.

    Open to sensible offers before I try evilbay

    If memory serves me correct i think it was nearly 400 a year ago.

    Any questions drop me a pm


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    think you are supposed to state a price

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    Auction Style Adverts

    Please be aware that this is the classified section where items are bought and sold at an agreed price. If you want to attain the best price possible via an auction then please do so on e-bay, where they will be only too pleased to take your money for providing such a service. Items offered for sale on here will be offered with the price included, or not at all.

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