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    Hi to all, question,

    I am in my reloading room making up some rounds and sat back for a minute or two and was thinking about how many foxes I have shot over fifty years and in that time I have wondered around the fields and hedge rows, woods and spent a lot of time watching the animals coming and going out in these places.

    Had a badger as a pet for years lived in the kitchen with the spaniels dug holes ever where in the garden

    And here is the question out of this:

    In all of this time spent out in the county side I have never seen a fox digging an earth have seen the odd rabbit doing so but not the fox have I been unlucky in all of this time lads.

    Has anyone I would like to know

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    Many time i have seen this most time digging for a rabbit and then realising it can now take up residence. I did go out with the terriers every week twice a week for 15 or so years.

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