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Thread: climate change

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    climate change

    With the weather all going to crap,do you think animals are breeding earlier in the season,should we look at changing the stalking seasons,your views ta .

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    Yes the climate is and will continue to change.

    Is this current climate change anthropogenic in origins, all the evidence is pointing to yes. The time scale is simply too small for natural climate forcing to be fully responsible.

    One of the immediate problems (next 100 years) will be warming temperatures & subsequent sea level rise - the increase in oceanic storm activity ( i.e. N.A. Hurricane severity & storm surges etc.) and their impacts on low coastal areas. Plus the causation/impacts of possible future Heinrich style events and such, all need to be considered.....

    In short, I could go on for hours explaining why we cannot hide our heads in the sand much longer....I spent three years reading for a degree in Quaternary Geomorphology, specialising in Coastal Dynamics, Management & Climate Change - once you actually look at the mountain of scientific evidence surrounding climate change it is not even a debate.
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    The climate is and will continue to change...its what its always done and always will.
    All the evidence does not point to the current epoch being anything more than us reaching the end of the current cold period.
    Politicians NEED climate change to justify their carbon taxes.
    Deer, and other species, will change their respective reproduction times in line with changes to the earths climate. When we react to these changes is the debatable subject.
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    Well I dunno about the deer .

    But for one rather well fed American the climate change from freezing in Virginia to tropical in the Philippines is a little rough sometimes when I can't find a room thats well air coned !

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    We don't really get any extreme weather here but we have more than our share of rain,on average over the whole country we had 50 inches of rain last year apparently.

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    The climate is changing, the only unusual thing about climate change would be if it stopped changing. I'm a big fan of stone circles and when the circle at Callanish in the Outer Hebrides was built there was no peat on the island as the climate was 3 degrees warmer than it is today, a time referred to archaeologists as a "climate optimum" just because the "living was easy" and so there are many circles and similar monuments dating from this time. With the climate so warm peat was unable to form as the dead vegetation was rotting before it had a chance to pile up and create the necessary conditions. I'm not aware of any change in breeding cycles etc. since that time, when the climate has cooled by at least 3 degrees. Strange weather events are also common however and I think they may have a short term effect on some things in the natural world - Samuel Pepys in his diaries, written in the 1660's, records roses and other flowers blooming in the winter with the weather being warm and the roads so dry carts were kicking up dust.

    The man made warming lie is simply a pseudo-religious system of belief which is, for the most part, over. Most of the worshipers in both science and politics seem to be trying to distance themselves from it as quickly as possible. The draft of the next IPCC report, which as you may recall was in previous versions touted as indicating that all scientists believed in man made climate change, seems to be due to indicate that current climate change is due to natural variability. Belief in man made climate change is simply that - a system of belief which has no foundation in science. The big fear now is that those who need to believe in some fantasy story and who have had the rug pulled away from under them will try to blame science for making a mistake but there was never any mistake as there was never any science to support their pseudo-religious beliefs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swarovski View Post
    We don't really get any extreme weather here but we have more than our share of rain,on average over the whole country we had 50 inches of rain last year apparently.
    There's the extreme you just said we don't have!
    It used to be a decent amount of snow during the winter and drier summers with moderate rainfall.
    Last year we had some snow but not as much as previous years but the rainfall went up dramatically
    Granted as with any study or statistical analysis you get variation.

    The climate has changed - is changing - and will continue to change.
    Man has not caused it - we may however have enhanced its affect.
    Nature will adjust to this in what way we can only guess.
    It may not be to our liking but that's nature for you.


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