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Thread: Africa 2010 Suggestions?

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    Africa 2010 Suggestions?

    Interested in going to Africa next summer for plains game. Something around 5days, no serious trophy's just reasonable beasts. Would be going with the mrs, well so shes told me! So a possibility of some other activities during or leading on to something else to keep her happy! So was wondering if anybody had any recommendations of places to go?Any personal experiences?It would be my first trip hunting in Africa so any info would be great. ATB Scott

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    1. What type of animals would you like to hunt? If i can make a suggestion every first timer in Africa wants to take a Kudu, Impala, Blue Wildebeest and Warthog; there-after with more experience comes other animal species.

    2. Summers in South Africa ranges from 28-38 degree C. (Would suggest to book between March and November). South Africa has 9 provinces and most of the hunting gets done in the Limpopo, North West, Eastern Cape, Freestate, Northern Cape and KZN provinces.

    3. North West and Limpopo Provinces are mainly in the centre of South Africa and neiboring countries like Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique can be easy reachable; with Game reserves like Kruger National Park, Pilansberg, Marekele National Park and Mapungubwe reachable within 1-4 hours by road; for the adventurer there is bungee, upsailing, boating, fishing, micro lighting, scuba diving and golfing (Some of the best in the world) - So you and the Mrs can do a lot.

    4. South Africa is about 99% high fence hunting, but with excellent hunting results and facilities. Some of the farms Bushwack Safaris uses starts at 850ha and goes up to 25 000ha. All Loges / Farms is stocked with between 12-26 animal species (Plains and Dangerous game)

    5. I can forward you some photos of the environment

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    Check these guys out.

    They are nice guys and like to mix a little too much sight-seeing with the hunting but it may be jusy what you require.

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    South Africa is NOT 99% "Behind High Fence" Huntin

    My friend Bushwack made a small thinking or typing error? It is very true that in some geographical areas - notably near Thabazimbi - there are very few farms that are not surrounded by high game retaining fences. I refer to that as "horizon-to-horizn" game farming areas. A large % of game hunted each year, particularly by foreign hunters, are indeed hunted in such areas. But there are also very large areas where a lot of hunting is undertaken where there are no more than poorly-maintained stock fences.

    As an example I can mention the area in the Free State province where I do most of my hunting. I hunt on an area [varying] of about 100 000 acres of free range low fenced farmland. But I also hunt on smaller game fenced areas, varying from about 850 acres to 7000 acres. The number of free range trophies hunted by my clients in 2009 are roughly the same as trophies hunted in "high fenced" farms.

    If one considers the shooting of rock pigeons in sunflower fields as "hunting" then the % of hunted animals shot under free ranging conditions quite possibly exceeds the number shot in "high fenced" areas?

    In good hunting.

    Andrew McLaren

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    Hi Andrew,

    How's the weather down there in the Free State? Remember too in fence the Free State you going to need a lot of money...

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    You need to talk to Matt Mckeown before booking with Tall Grass!

    Why not come along to one or more of the events during the UK Professional Hunters Tour and find out first-hand what excellent hunting and packages is available in South Africa and Namibia - we now represent over 5 MILLION Ha so I'm pretty confident we have something for everyone (From trophy Elephant / Lion / Plains Game and Management Packages....)



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