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    Morning all,

    Any info on tis calibre would be of help. Thinking of getting a variation on fac for wild boar in the uk and driven shooting aboard. I also have access to hunting in fri a which it would be used for.

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    great round, never designed for bolt guns or tac driving but for snap shooting with an express rifle its hard to beat massive punch and easy to eject/handle and reload the gun.

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    I assume it will be a double rifle or drilling? Very good cartridge it is rimmed which is a big plus in a double, with a scope on qd mounts it will take out game to most normal ranges (300 yds), it can be used from the smallest deer to elephant (9.3 is the minimum big game round in most sub saharan countries). I have shot one a number of times and really like it, recoil isn't excessive, usually come in quite a trim package (the merkel 141 is built on a 28 bore frame).

    With any double getting a load which will provide desirable accuracy can be chore, some double rifle manufacturers will develop the load and provide the details which is useful, or some will regulate the rifle with factory ammo.

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    What more can be said? I have one and concur entirely with what John and Cumbrian have already said about this lovely cartridge. The only thing I will say is that unless you reload for it you will find running a 9.3x74r a little costly because it's such a nice cartridge to shoot that you will want to use it a fair bit.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Very good caliber for everything. My grandfather has it many years ago, hunt with it from fox to big red stag deer.

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    Get one! I use a double for driven Boar, its very effective and nicer to shoot than a .375 H and H Magnum.
    If you are after a bolt action the 9.3 x 62mm is more usual.
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