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Thread: Victorian/Edwardian (Old) Lunch Box ?

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    Victorian/Edwardian (Old) Lunch Box ?

    Not sure what these are called but I'm after one ?
    Take the form of a stiff leather "box" with a shoulder strap and holds a drinks "flask" and silver plated food box to hold your "Piece" (lunch) when out on the hill !

    a) What are the called ?
    b) Where the best place to get one ?



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    SOME old saddlers supplies will stock them...

    You'll need to be sitting down for some of the prices. Most of them sell for about what you would expect to pay for a good used rifle or decent scope.

    The plated sandwich tins & the dome-based glass bottles (for cold tea) were more traditionally carried attached to a saddle. Some were modified for shoulder carry by stalkers & wildfowlers.

    I've made the cases in the past...but the problem nowadays is finding the traditional tins & may be easier & cheaper to look for a more modern inner tin/bottle & have a leather case made to suit them.
    Failing that, an old canvas pack can hide a multitude of kit

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