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Thread: NRA Sporting Rifle Day (National Shooting Centre Bisley) 09 - 10/03/13

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    NRA Sporting Rifle Day (National Shooting Centre Bisley) 09 - 10/03/13

    Thought this might be of interest but if inappropriate or already mentioned please remove:

    The NRA will be holding two Sporting Rifle days supported by Edgar Brothers allowing participants to come and try a variety of rifles.
    Rifles available will include:
    Remington 700 Target Tactical .308 Win
    Savage 25 Lightweight Varminter .17 Hornet
    Savage 10BA .308 Win
    Remington 597 .22 LR with a VTR A-2 16" scope (Package)
    Nosler Model 48 .308 Win many more!

    Participants can book onto a morning or afternoon session on Saturday 9th or Sunday 10th March.
    The event will take place on the British Sporting Rifle Ranges and Time Limit and on Butt Zero.
    Both NRA members and non members are welcome to attend.*
    So if you would like to come and have a fun day shooting targets such as running deer, time limit, firebirds or even play some snooker, click on the link below to book.

    Booking times available:
    Saturday & Sunday morning: 8.30am - 12.30pm
    Saturday & Sunday afternoon: 1.30pm - 4.00pm
    Registration can be made online below or by calling 01483 797777 ext 123.
    Payment will be taken on the day.
    Click here to Register
    *Terms and conditions apply. Please see booking form for more details.

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    I spoke to the guys setting up the gazebos in the rain....

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    I was down at Bisley on Saturday morning and didn't see one sign for it at the camp. A shame as I would have called in to have a look.

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    That's true but there was a large sign providing directions to the RSPCA which made me smile! Both days were however “sold out” well in advance of weekend.

    The event went well with a lot of recognisable faces from NRA Open Days. Most enjoyed the chance to shoot sitting, kneeling and standing rather than just prone and fully supported as per Open Day restrictions. Even with double sticks, many also gained a far better appreciation of what’s needed by way of marksmanship to ensure a clean kill at 100m under non “gravelbelly” conditions.

    Given there seemed little restriction on the amount of shooting a punter could do other than with the 375 it was good value too at my reading:
    Firing Points
    Course of Fire
    Butt Zero CZ 455 Varmint Thumbhole .17 HMR
    NRA .22 rifles
    5 shots at small and large targets, variable height
    Butt Zero
    Remington 597 VTR A-2 16” .22LR
    Marlin 1894C .357 Mag
    11 shots total, completion only on hitting all targets.
    Running Boar
    CZ 455 Evolution .22LR
    NRA .22 rifles
    10 slow OR 10 fast Running Boar
    Statics in Shed
    Rem 700 SPS Varmint .22-250
    Savage Axis .243 Package
    CZ 550 American Safari Mag .375 H&H – 2 shots in 1 position only
    Remington 700 Target Tactical .308 Win
    2 shots per position,
    Stand with Sticks
    Running Deer
    Remington 700 Police .308 Win
    Zoli Pro Arco .243
    Nosler Model 48 .308 Win
    10 shots Running Deer

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