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Thread: 5 meals from a 5 kg muntjac

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    5 meals from a 5 kg muntjac

    Here are a few of the meals I made up from a muntjac shot this week.

    1. Slow cooked venison with leak, carrots and sweet potatoes.

    2. Muntjac Pilou toped with roasted almonds. For this I used the saddle cut into "double chops" with the bone left in for more flavor

    3. Muntjac Meat Loaf

    4. Bones used for venison stock

    5. Venison stock.

    6. a muntjac wellington I did last year.

    The stock will be used to make a soup tomorrow and will be served with home made wholmeal bread

    the final meal I will used the remanding mince and make a lasagne.

    It would be a lie to say I don’t enjoy the sporting side of stalking e.g. using field craft to stalk into a wild deer to deliver a humane shot but harvesting a organic healthy meat and using it is the main ambition.

    This is just my opinion but I can not understand why people stalk and shoot deer only to give it up to the game dealer? for what? a few extra quid? I understand pros can only eat so much venison them self’s and use the carcass money to pay for the lease and costs etc but us amature stalkers should make more use of what we harvest from natures larder. I remember speaking to a guy once who had just shot a deer on an estate we were stalking. I asked him if he’s going to take the carcass home and get some top steaks of it. His reply was No, he doesn’t like venison so he will leave it. I was shocked. but hay ho that’s just me. Everything I shoot I use. If I cant eat it I wont shoot it. The only time I drop venison at a dealer is if I’m stalking and take a hind and calf or similar. I will usualy keep the calf and take the hind to the dealer if it will not fit in my freezer. If I’m out on a paid stalk and grass a deer I usually always take the carcass home with me.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails muntjac stew.jpeg   muntjac pilou.jpeg   muntjac meat loaf.jpeg   muntjac bones.jpeg   muntjac stock.jpeg  

    muntjac wellington.jpg  

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    ps if anyone wants any of these recipes just ask.

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    nice one mo, looks tasty

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    Next time your down this way, bring sum of that Slow cooked venison with leak, carrots and sweet potatoes down with you
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    I love the varied sorts of meals you can make with venison. I too get a good variations of different meals from a muntie/cwd. Recently I've had:

    Soup made from the stock of boiling the bones.
    Black Bean vension served with noodles
    chilli, lime, honey, sesame seeds corriander (and some other stuff) with noodles
    Backstraps fillets coated in cracked pepper and chilli flakes, pan fried and then served with a dribble of raspberry gin.
    lasagne...venison makes the best lasagne!
    next on the list are Burgers and sausages!

    All the best!

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    Daft dog I may have to get a couple of them recipies of you! black bean venison sounds fab!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotwild View Post
    Next time your down this way, bring sum of that Slow cooked venison with leak, carrots and sweet potatoes down with you
    no problem mate! hope your keeping well? Have you neen sparky latley?
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    Munty meatloaf recipe please mo

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    Quote Originally Posted by mo View Post
    no problem mate! hope your keeping well? Have you neen spaky latley?
    Doing good mate, thanks, no not seen him for some time since I pull out the syndicate,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    That lot looks great! I have to admit, I'm slightly envious of anyone who is skilled in the kitchen, as I am a hopeless chef ( apart from pancakes- an art I perfected in the summer of 1997)
    Mrs Buckaroo8 doesn't like venison so I give it away to friends+family mostly (some of whom are kind enough to invite me round to share the meals)
    My faithfull hound gets more than his fair share of the trimmings aswell!

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