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Thread: NGO Deer meeting and a dog tracking course

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    NGO Deer meeting and a dog tracking course

    I have playing around online and after looking at the NGO website I have found that they are doing two deer events in March in Berkshire which is fairly close to me.

    I have booked onto the Dogs for Deer course (also posted in the tracking section), is anybody else going?

    The NGO Deer branch are also having their AGM on the 17th March at Englefield Estate in Berks with Browning doing a talk, one on FC licenses and one on a deer survey that has been done. There is also a tour of the deer park - I have decided to go to this as well, never been to one before and as it is local seems like a good idea. Is anybody else going? I think it is only open to members but don't know.

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    Will be attending the AGM,

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    Hi guys
    i will be there as well , ther was not time to have a deer AGM at the main AGM at JCB , so it will be good to see david's set up

    all the best


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    We are still getting calls for the dogs for deer course with people wanting to come along. The course is now full but we will be running another soon due to the demand.

    ​The deer branch AGM is tomorrow and we are looking forward to a good turnout.

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    Nice to meet some SD members yasterday and put names to faces,
    realy good talk by Norman Healy from the FC on how they pick who gets the stalking llicenses on there ground in England,
    Dave Wiggins gave us a fantastic tour of the deer park at Englefield park to finnish the day.

    thanks to the NGO deer branch...

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    A good three page write up with pictures in this weeks shooting times, I like the bit about what standard a deer dog should be at to get a FC lease in England.

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