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Thread: Ruger 10/22 .22LR

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    Ruger 10/22 .22LR

    Does any member have experience of the Ruger 10/22? I've just bought a second-hand De-Luxe for not much money, thinking that it might be a bit of fun to use a semi-auto, as a change from my old super-perfect set trigger Krico.

    Dry firing it, it seemed to have a creepy, and heavy trigger, but I guess I can stone its vitals up a bit to improve that. I wondered too about free floating the barrel, although a chum told me that he'd heard that a small area of contact should be left near the front of the fore-end. It's a pretty thin barrel, so maybe it whangs up and down a tad without a bit of support.

    Yes, I know there are better .22s for the same money, but I just fancied it.

    I'm not expecting MOA at 100 yards with this thing, but I guess it'll be pretty good medcine against the pesky squirrels and magpies. With a moderator and sub-sonics, they won't remember a thing. Does anyone have inside info on the best sub-sonics? I'm still long-stocked on ancient RWS., but maybe there are some magic alternatives.

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    Ruger triggers are alway terrible , but you're right with a bit of carefull stoning and file work they can be made pretty good. I've always preferred full floated barrels.

    Eley subs are now pretty good. well they are in mine anyway. I don't like RWS r/f ammo as I have had problems with it in the past. LApua make some decent stuff but it can start to get a bit pricey.

    I have read and heard good things about Aquila ammo and 10/22's

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    There's a place in shop in yorkshire who specialise in modifications for the ruger 10/22. For the life of me I can;t remeber what there called but in short you can get different stocks fro them, barrels, trigger mechanisum's etc.

    In fact in this months sporting rifle magasine there is a modified ruger 10/22 featured in it.

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    The shop you are thinking of is South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies.

    They do all the bits you need to 'trick up' a 10/22 (some may say all the bits you need to make it shoot in the first place! )

    If it were a bolt action I would say Wincester ammo for pure whacking power, and Eley's for slightly less whack but a tad more accuracy.

    Ammo for a 10/22, you will have to experiment, some of them don't tend to like subs very much at all as cycling is a well know problem.

    The website for SYSS is:

    Get your wallet out!

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    Aha! I've collected the 10/22 and it's a little gem. The semi-auto is great with Winchester subs.

    Just gently, I'd mentioned the crappy trigger to the shop, and rather than have me dissatisfied, they fitted a brilliant new Volquartsen mod FREE OF CHARGE. It now lets go at about 2.5 lbs, and is pretty crisp too.

    I'm damned lucky to live so close to a decent gun shop which has a really good in-house gunsmithing facility.

    I dealt with Andy at Lambert and Wiltshire in Ringwood, Hampshire; and if Rob will forgive me, I think such service deserves a mention. This is why customers become regulars.

    Thanks for all your inputs chaps. I went to the Rimfire web-site, and WOW. It seems the cheapie 10/22 can be made into a very expensive wee creature. It reminds me somewhat of my miss-spent undergraduate youth in the 1960's, when I bolted expensive bits onto my Mini Cooper S to make it go faster. WHAT a foolish boy I was. And not so different now - THANK GOD.

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    If you are rabbiting at night then the Butler Creek steel lipped 25 round mag is a handy bit of kit. The thing with the semi is that you soon go through ten rounds. Only put about 22 in it though as they tend to jam with any more in.

    What sort of groups are you getting out of it with subbies?. I had to have my newish 10/22 carbine rebarrelled with a Shilen barrel some 12 years ago to make it shoot humanely.


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    I'm hoping to get it going tomorrow, if it's not too cold to hunker down on some sandbags. If not, I'll certainly report back to you. I have quite a lot of old RWS subs, which are out of favour at the moment. Anyway, I don't think they will cycle in the 22/10. I used to have a brilliantly accurate Brno .22 Auto, but it often wouldn't spit the cases out, so I went to bolt action. I hope the little Ruger behaves itself. It's nicely quiet with the Sako moderator, but not as quiet as my Krico with a Parker Hale used to be.

    This 22/10 offers quite a sub-culture, doesn't it. There's no end to the folks who will take your money to make it a better gun. It's a shame Ruger, or someone else, doesn't make a stock SUPER .22 Semi Auto.

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    Got one got it second hand years ago, yes the trigger is crap thats the first thing i changed can,t remember what to, it likes Winchester sub-sonics but it still jams every so offten the joy of a semi -auto ,i floated the barrel it made it a little better, Parker Hale moderator 6x44 S&B and a lazer for close in work or of the hip done away with 25rd mags to much bother to fill them but 5 10rd ones give the rifle a better profill and they don,t get in the way.

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    Yeh, great little rifles, a lot of fun.
    Ive had one for years and get a grouping the size of a squirrels head at 80 yards. No special gadgets or any of that. Shes a proper workhorse.
    Strip and clean the action frequently and she never jams.
    I give it top marks.

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    i have used 2 different 10/22s over the years and have had nothing but bother with them and traded them in for the ever reliable Bruno,the 10/22 was for ever jamming ,the mag had to be kept spotless and it cost more rabbits and ammo than it was worth.

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