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    Roe Doe

    about 5 weeks ago i got my first farm with a few deer on it and was asked by the farmer to get rid of them asap.
    The deer (3 roe) were living in a 4 acre wood which was surrounded by an orchard on 3 sides, the orchard being the reason the farmer wanted them removed. on my first recce of the wood i caught a glimpse of the deer and over the next week i saw them another 3 times.
    The farmer rang me and said 1 of the deer had been run over which left me just 2.
    I built myself a high seat at work from an old ladder and put it in the wood but had no luck so i moved the high seat to the other end of the wood and early last saturday had a doe walk within 10 yards of me but due to being the wrong side of the hedge offered no shot.
    I went lamping foxes on tuesday night and saw the deer in the orchard and thursday after work i had another stalk and got within 50 yds but again they winded me and were gone. Bloody frustrating this stalking
    This morning i was up early again and in the orchard by dawn, i stalked around the entire orchard but saw nothing so i headed back to the truck and whilst walking along the edge of the wood i was looking in desperation for the deer when suddenly barely 40 yds in the wood was a doe, i expected her to race off again but she didnt move so as slowly as i could i put the 25-06 onto the sticks and sent a 100gn sp on its way,
    she collapsed at the shot and then the other roe appeared and instead of being a small button buck or doe it was in fact a very nice 6 point buck in velvet.
    I carried out the gralloch and carried her back to the truck, im not sure what she weighs but shes big
    Hopefully the buck will stay around for the next 5 weeks.
    Im very pleased on getting my first succesful solo stalk under my belt and look forward to many more
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    Well done!
    Now you just have to hang on until April for the buck. It's a shame you can't leave him grow for a few years if he's young and showing potential.

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    Well done! I had my first solo successful stalk last summer, its a great feeling! Shame the farmer wants them all gone.

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    Great stuff, still yet to get my proper solo stalk! Lovely looking rifle too. Addictive stuff this stalking lark!!
    Aim Small, Miss Small

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    Congrats, I will never forget my first solo. It's a great feeling, and especially when you're getting a farmer on side.

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    nice one Jonty

    Shame he wants ride of them but it's you or somebody else mate.

    You could always ' move the buck a couple of miles in my direction



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    Good going mate. You have worked hard to get at them. I will lend the high seat for my muntjac patch when you dont need it.

    Catch you soon mate..

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    Thanks for the comments, Charlie it's a Tikka 690 in 25-06 which I bought very cheaply,
    Jon if its all the same to you I think I will deal with the buck myself
    Jamie, it's been hard work getting some deer of my own to manage and I will have to make you a high seat of your own as the manager of a large orchard next to this farm has asked me to reduce the number of roe and fallow on his farm

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    great stuff mate. My 1st fallow could be on the cards soon then

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