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    For sale... A pair of Lundhags unlined high stalking boots in size 43 (9) in black full leather. Used three times with zero wear. 90

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    Why haven't you got size ten feet? Could amputate my toes I suppose. Good luck with the sale.



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    Had six PM's and everyone is waiting on "funds"...summer is coming so i will hang on to them.

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    Hung on to them long enuff!!

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    Fitted brand new genuine Lundhags laces today and at a size 9 and with thick socks they are too big for me. 9 1/2 more like with a thick calf size. So if you have size 9-10 fat legged feet these are for you. Lundhags Scout is the model i believe.

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    I'll take them please, please PM details for payment.

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