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Thread: Viht N150 in SAKO TRG-22

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    Viht N150 in SAKO TRG-22

    I'm interested in trying some Vihtavouri N150 in my .308 Sako TRG-22. I have been using N140 and the new TR 140 with some success and someone told me I can get greater velocities with N150 (I want to shoot at 1000 yards).
    Has anyone any experience with N150 in a Sako or similar and what is the opinion opposite the two comaprison powders I mentioned?

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    If you ever pass Leicester I have an eight ounce tub of N150 that i never finished that is yours for 11.00 collected!

    I've used both N140 and N150 in the British 303 with 174 grain bullets. The classic standard load for it being about 41 grains of n140 and a 174 grain bullet.

    Like others I tried N150. Essentially we found that it achievd prettt much the SAME results, velocity, accuracy, pressure as did N140 but used about a grain or a grain and a half more of powder to do so.

    Thus being happy that it had no advantage over N140 and that it used a grain or a grain and a half more we all, with tight purses and closed wallets, went back to using N140.

    You might find that in your 6.5x55 it is a wonder powder. Personally I think that you will pretty much find what we did. That it gives equal or similar performance BUT at a slight increase in powder charge.

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    Bit light on details like COL and bullet weight here.

    I use a TRG, N140 and 155gr Scenars at 1000yds - with a 20MOA rail. N150 is a bit slower so I'm not sure what you're expecting from this?
    You'll likely run into capacity constraint before you max out on pressure. N540 on the other hand will bump you along a bit more but can be peaky and temp sensative.

    If I were you, I'd load to max mag length and work up the charge weight to the velocity you want. The extra length will give you some more capacity.
    My TRG is pretty tolerant of both length and charge so I've gone long and packed it fairly full.

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    Just to update you on this. I tried Scenars in my SAKO and was very surprised to see the groups open up considerably. Considering this Scenar is a longer bullet with a higher BC this is odd to say the least.

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    I've used 168g Scenars, A-Max and Nosler CC in my Steyr SSG-04 (which has a fairly long chambering) all with almost identical results, what weight bullets have you tried and what OAL or seating depth from lands have you used?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marko303 View Post
    Just to update you on this. I tried Scenars in my SAKO and was very surprised to see the groups open up considerably. Considering this Scenar is a longer bullet with a higher BC this is odd to say the least.
    Was this with any load development, or did you just sub one bullet for another?

    I suspect if you changed from a SMK 2155 to a 2156 Palma you'd find you'd have to rework the load, scenar is the same.
    Also worth bearing in mind that there is less of a bearing surface on the longer, thinner, higher BC bullets so they don't stabilize as easily as the short tubby ones. Some fiddling required.

    I found I had to push the scenars a bit harder than the 2155's to get the same results but then it was at a higher velocity and behaved better at longer range.

    Out of interest, post the load up and we can compare.
    Mine is:
    45gr N140
    155gr Scenar
    Lapua Brass
    CCI BR-2 primer
    OAL 2.92" - max mag length
    OAL to ogive 2.27"

    Shoots better than I can mostly...
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    Tried Lapua D46 180grain (I assume it's a 308...) ? Norman Clark used to stock them...good at long range.
    As for N150, I found it better than N140 in the 308 and use it in my 30-06 and 22-250. Burns cleanly and stable. I've even used it for cast bullets and shot the best groups (sub 1" at 100 yards) with it.
    I used it under Scenars and got better than 1/2 MOA. In fact I preferred the 168 Scenars to the 155s but that was because they shot best in my (then) Rem700 (20minute rail and a Leupold 8.5-25x50 on top).

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    Could see how the heavier bullets might favour the slower powder.

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    I used to use 50g H380 under a 175g MK in lapua cases (19.99 from roding armoury!) in my trg21 for 2750fps , a great long range load but hot !

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    I've just started to use Vit N150 in my 308 mainly because i can get it by the kilo cheap. I knocked up a few loads including a ladder load which i tried out yesterday and i couldn't be happier with the load i found. I put 9 shots in a 4 inch group at 600 yards in fairly gusty winds and at 300 i could put it through the same inch square patch.

    The best load i used is
    Un-fired Remington brass
    43.6 grains Vit N150
    168grain Hornady Amax
    Federal match primers

    2.8" Oal (magazine length)

    Also a good load i found (in my rifle)
    Lapua Brass
    45grains VIT N150
    155grain siera hpbt Palma match
    Federal Match Primers

    Oal - 2.875" (single loads)

    Im gonna try them both out at 1000 as soon as i get the opportunity and also get my loads on the chrono.

    Another powder to consider which works really well is Hogdon H4895. Really clean powder but a little on the pricey side buying it in 1 Lb tubs!

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