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Thread: First trip out after the operation....***PICS ADDED***

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    First trip out after the operation....***PICS ADDED***

    I was led on the sofa just about to unplug my brain and watch the goggle box for the night when the phone went,it was a mate of mine asking if I wanted to go look for a Buck,and,he would do the carrying,well I was set,ready,and off in a flash.I was starting to get a bit stir crazy,and this was just what I needed,as most of you will know I haven't had the best of times just lately,so,I was looking forward to some time in the field.I arrived,and,my mate put his brand new(Game Fair) 'KAMMO' Roe sack and binoculars in the back of my truck and we were off.We were going to a place where he hadn't shot any Bucks this year,but,he was confident of seeing at least one.We saw a couple of Does,and,a very young Buck,and,my mate was trying out his Roe call(Butello call)this is a very easy to use call that just requires squeezing with the hand,but,as with most things it isn't quite that simple,and,there is a skill in itself to using these pieces of equipment,and,he was getting the Does coming into us no problem,but,there were no Bucks following the Does,which was what we were after.There was a lot of standing maize fields in the immediate vicinity,and,I think they were all tucked up in there,anyway they weren't playing our game,so we went on to the bottom fields.Any of these fields can and do hold deer both Roe and Muntjac although it is mostly Roe,as we got to the bottom fields we had to go through a tunnel under the railway,and,it is always filled with water,and,it is a nightmare to get through without making a noise,and,as we got to a point where we could see into the next field I saw a red shape that I was fairly sure was a Buck,but,a little splash in the tunnel sounds like a tsunami as it echoes towards the deer in the field,and,he was off like Linford Christie.We carefully made our way out of the tunnel and we scanned the first field,but,nothing there,so,we eased ourselves through a gateway an we saw a deer over the far side,but,couldn't make out out for certain if it was a Buck or a Doe,so,I set myself up beside a bramble hedge and my mate called with the Butello,and,all of a sudden the derr came storming in like a train,but,as it got closer,it became obvious that it was again another Doe albeit a very heavily built young lady.We were going to go back into the last field we were in to sit up for a bit,and,hope for a Buck to appear,but,as we rounded the gateway I saw what at first I thought was a hare going across the bottom of the field,but,it was a Buck,and,I could only see his back as the field dropped away under the trees,but,with a few 'fiep fieps' he soon started to take a detour towards us,and,I set up on the sticks,and,placed the red dot of the Zeiss scope set at 8x on his shoulder,and,squeezed through the 12 oz timney trigger,and,he fell to his side and I just saw his head fall over last into the long grass.Just as we were about to congratluate each other,my mate said, "There's another" and,true to his word there he was,and,funnily enough he was in the field we had just been in,so,I just had to spin round and adjust the sticks a bit to get a steady base to shoot from and put the red dot right where I wanted it,and,squeezed off another round,and,the thud of a good hit echoed back to us,but,as the Buck turned in it's own body length it leapt into the air literally 10 feet,and shot off for about 40yds,and,then just collapsed into the grass.I chambered another round just in case,but,as we reached him it was obvious that he was stone dead.My mate dragged him over to where we had shot him from,and,we went to gather the first one that was a fair bit farther away than we both thought at about 110-120yds.The second one had been about 95yds,and,I was over the moon with the result,although my mate said that one had been shot a bit too far forward although I didn't think so to be honest,and,when I gralloched them both of the hearts had been absolutely blown to bits,but,the second Buck had been a littled quartered hence my mate thinking I had shot him a bit too far forward.
    Now came the funny part,because we had two Roe on the grass,and,because I have had heart surgery recently I am not allowed to lift anything,so,the Roe sack that my mate had bought was definitely going to get a proper test of durability as it had to be 1 1/2 - 2 miles back to the truck,and,most of it uphill..........OMG!!!! The sack was definitely up to the job in as much as actually getting the two Roe into the sack,and,there are two adjustable straps to tuck the heads into to stop them swinging around

    ,but,these two Bucks were not small by anybodies standards,and,actually getting the sack up onto his back was a job because I didn't want to do myself any damage(sorry mate),but,we did,and,we started off.I really(honestly)felt for him as the walk back was going to be an right slog.We had to stop pretty regularly for a breather,and,it wasn't long before my mates head was steaming like a boiling kettle,and,he went a very funny colour red

    ,and,it is at this point that I apologise for not havibg any pics of all of this,but,even though I did take a good few,and,I uploaded them to my pc I am unable to get them onto Photobucket for some reason(anybody any ideas??)I do hope someone comes up with the answer because they are bloody funny(sorry again mate).We had quite a few gateways to negotiate,and,an overgrown rickety old wooden gate covered with stingers that had to be scaled(or do another extra 1/2 mile),and,as we got over the gate it was just too much,and,the Sack was dropped to the floor,and,my mate laid out like he was doing snow angels

    ,and,the local bullocks came round for a quick gander.

    Anyway,we did get back to the truck(it took an hour mind)and after loading them up,we went off to drop one of the Bucks at my mates lockup,and,I made my way home,so,I would like to say thankyou mate,as ever it was a great evening out.........


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    Great read mate. Good to hear that you`re out and about again.
    Look forward to seeing you next week.

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    Thats hilarious Martin

    Well done to your mate for getting you out.. Not sure hes going to offer again until them legs stop hurting..

    I use imageshack and after a two minute brief from my son am up and running with it, if you give it a try and are stuck give me a pm and i will talk you through it.. weve got to see the pickies



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    Well done Martin, a good read and I think you've made an amazing recovery after your op. Just don't overdo it or your mate will be the next one needing medical attention
    Cheers, Pete.

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    Glad you've made a good recovery it must be nice to get back out again,bet your'e mate was wishing he'd kept he's mouth shut when he saw the second one now,best get him afew pints he might be daft enough to offer again
    ATB Neil

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    Nice write up Mart,good to see your up & about again.

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    Nice write up. Cant wait to see the pictures
    Take care.


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    Great result Martin,

    Glad to hear that you are up and about and enjoying your stalking again, and what a great start as well. Two bucks in one evening from the same spot, well done

    Happy days



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    Well done Martin. Sounds like a well deserved bag. Thanks for telling us about it.

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    Good read Martin, glad to hear your doing well. did you get my PM?
    I'm with Lee as well next week on the 4th what day are you down ?


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