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Thread: quad sticks

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    quad sticks

    anyone got some for sale new/second hand please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidm View Post
    Could try these For Sale: Quad Sticks
    cheerrs ill have a look

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    Why don't you make your own? PM me an email address for some instructions. Rgds JCS

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    If you PM limulus he will sort you out

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    I have a set from Limulus, and have to say they are quality and easy to use once you know how.
    On top of that, Tony is a top guy to deal with. Highly recommended.


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    Cheers guys. Still making them. I'll be at the stalking show at Kelso with a few sets
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Bob Broom's sticks

    As another option, I bought a set from Bob Broom on here before Christmas..... I'm well impressed!

    For Sale: Fibreglass Quad Sticks

    or these

    Fibreglass Quad Sticks that fit in your gun case


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    bushwear sell quad stick made out of alloy 60 + pp, bought a set last year and work great, very well made

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