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Thread: Old Primers.

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    Old Primers.

    I have been rotating my stock of primers, as I always do, and happened to look down at the price tag on the Remington 7.5 BR primers I've been using. The price was $12.50/1000 in March of 1994. I'd buy a few cases at that price today!~Muir

    (Not my oldest. I have Remington Primers in the old red boxes and some CCI marked "Cascade" They all still work fine.)

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    death, taxes and increasing shooting costs. The only certainties.

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    I remember exhibiting at one of the Pistol Anno Domini shows at Bisley in the early 1990s or maybe late 1980s and not selling a single box of the 100,000 primers that I tooks as, at 10.50 per 1,000 they were TOO EXPENSIVE as others were selling them for 9.50 per 1,000!

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    I have some old Remington I think they are #57 primers for shotgun shells that I use in my old factory 10 gauge 2 7/8" shells . I assume these primers were from the 50's to 70's or so . Think I have maybe 50 old factory original 10 gauge 2 7/8" hulls that require these . The rest of my 10 gauge stuff are cut down 3 1/2" hulls that accept the standard 209 . So when my small supply of #57's are used up I'll retire or trash those hulls !

    My small rifle primers I'm using at the moment are some of the Winchseter SR primers in the white box from back in the 80's I believe . Got these from an older fellow a few years back that was getting out of the loading game .

    Have some older LRM primers as well Rem 9 1/2M as well as CCI250's !

    When a person is in a gunshop doing whatever most days they can walk into a bunch of this stuff . And if I know the person I am usually receptive to take it off their hands for a fair price to both them and myself .

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