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Thread: Mull adventures with Scotland Deer Stalking

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    Mull adventures with Scotland Deer Stalking

    Recently I had the opportunity to travel to the Isle of Mull to stalk Red Hinds with David from Scotland Deer Stalking. This would be my first Red Deer and my first time on Mull. A two and a half hour drive through heavy snow got me to the Ferry terminal in Oban and after the short ferry crossing I was on the Island.

    After settling in to the comfortable B&B recommended by David and a fantastic meal at the nearby Hotel we met up to discuss plans for the next morning.

    I was picked up just before first light and off we went to find my first Red Hind. It wasn’t long before a group of Hinds were spotted on the low lying ground and after a short stalk we were in position. I was instructed which Hind to take and to shoot when I was ready, nothing was rushed and I felt very comfortable taking the shot, seconds later my first Red Hind was down. ”Welcome to Mull!!” David said.

    Three other Hinds were shot by myself and David before stopping for a break and a hot cup of tea to review the mornings shooting.
    After that we set off up the hill in search of more Hinds, Luckily for me it wasn’t too steep as I am certainly not hill fit.

    David knows the hills like the back of his hand and it wasn’t long before we found another group of Hinds, a long commando crawl was needed to get us into a good position. The shots were taken and two more beasts were grassed.

    We saw several other groups of Stags and Hinds throughout the rest of the time we were on the hill and at one time I was watching an impressive eight point Stag and a huge ten point Stag standing together. After another stalk into a postion high up on some rocks and a long wait for the perfect shot we had another two Hinds.

    In total eight Hinds were shot that day and it truly was a fantastic experience for me. Mull is a wonderful place, the scenery is stunning and the stalking is even better!!

    David is a great guy with a vast amount of knowledge and experience who is extremely patient , he made me feel very comfortable and gave me the confidence to take each shot.

    It was an amazing trip and one I will never forget. If you are planning a stalking trip in Scotland, David from Scotland Deer Stalking is your man.

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    I wouldn't be surprised if he was stalking in shirt sleeves too ! I have never met such a hardy chap.
    I reckon Davy has an internal thermostat !
    When we were shooting in Croatia everybody was dressed up because the ground was covered in snow and it was freezing cold and there he was running around chasing us up in his shirt sleeves
    Yes definitely a grand chap who knows his stuff and a likeable chap to boot.

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    Well dome mate looks like you had a great trip! Some good pic s too

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    A nice write up sounds like a real good trip. Nice pic's to.

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