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Thread: .22 WMR. Misfire

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    .22 WMR. Misfire

    .22 WMR. Have had four rounds that went phutt. (hornady 30gm BT ) Bullet stayed in the case, good strike on the rim, I have spoken to Edgar brothers, they have said to take them back to my RFD who will replace them.

    Anyone else had some problem, I do go through a few but the whole lot of ammo I have are the same batch number, I buy them all in one lump

    Have fired a good number and no problem at all ?


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    I don't think I've ever had a misfire with 22WMR in a good quality arm and I have seven 22WMR's I use regularly. Hornady tho... they have been having some QC problems lately across their entire line.~Muir

    PS: It's LOT NUMBER, not "batch number".

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    never had a misfire, never used Hornady ammo

    I can only deduce that is the pattern for me

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    I use Hornaday... no misfires yet. A mate has had a few 223 hornady factory ammo misfire. Think he sent them back to Edger bros.

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