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Thread: S&B German or Hungarian

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    S&B German or Hungarian

    Dear All,

    I am a novice and am currently researching a rifle and scope package. I have a fairly good idea about the sort of rifle I would like. However, I am struggling a bit on the scope.

    I think I would be best off with a fixed power model. I have had a look at various makes. Schmidt and Bender seem to be good quality and value for money.

    I understand that S&B sell scopes made in Germany and Hungary. The blurb on the websites suggests that the Hungarian ones are of the same design and spec. as the German ones and are made from the same components, However, it reckons they are assembled in Hungary and so are cheaper.

    Does anyone have any views on S&B scopes in general and on the differences between the Hungarian and German ones. The general concensus on this forum and from BASC and the BDS seems to be that I should not scrimp on optics. I am keen to follow that advice. However the Hungarian S&B's do not seem like a compromise if they are as good as the websites suggest. Am I being a bit naive on this?

    Thanks for your help


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    I have one of each, 3-12*50 german, and 8*56 hungarian....if I had my time again, would have gone for 2 of the 8*56. Very rarley use the zoom!

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    Hi Bob

    I've got a couple of S&B Zeniths and love them!!
    But I have used a Klassik on a borrowed rifle in the past, I'm sure an optics lab could tell them apart in some minute detail (other than the shape of the tube) but in the field, I could see no difference at all.
    The glass is what really matters, and that comes from the same factory and is ground and polished in the same workshops and on the same machines for the German and Hungarian versions.
    The Zenith looks better (well to me it does) and the after-sales service is second to none, but the Klassik is definitely worth a look (had to say that).

    The Zenith is also unbelievably tough, I took a big fall last year when I slipped on ice, landed on the rifle, scope hitting ground first. The scope was undamaged (I wasn't) and when I took it to the range the zero hadn't changed. I've heard the Klassiks are just as hardy.

    I prefer variable for the flexibility, but must admit that I tend to leave any scope on mid-power eg 6x or 8x and adjust if necessary.

    Whatever you get, happy hunting.


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    I'd have to agree with everything geoshot said bob,i also have the zenith 2.5-10x56 generaly leave it set around 6-7 crank upto 10 for a long shot or if i'm stalking in denser woodland where a quick close shot might be needed leave it on 2.5, if you go for fixed try to match the magnifaction to the type of stalking you'll do most of.
    ATB Neil

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    All good points above

    try to match the magnifaction to the type of stalking you'll do most of
    ....and to the power of your binoculars, giving the same sight picture through both. I leave my 4-14 scope as close to 8.5 as I can.

    I used a fixed Zeiss 6x42 for years, only changing to a zoom a couple of months ago. It served me very well in Scotland and down South - I just fancied getting something with a bit more 'ooomph' A good quality fixed will always beat a poor quality variable.


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    Thanks for this advice everyone. I think that a S&B is the way I'll go.

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    i use a 8x56 german so if anyone is going to be byist it will be me and i reckon you should save your money and get a hungarian. ive looked through them both and there is no difference. i only got a german because it was second hand and going cheap. if you have the money to go for a variable power then i would suggest go for it i dont think you will regret it in the long run

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    I've got both, absolutely no diference other than price therefore I'd go for the hungarian

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    i have 2 hungarian 1" 8 x 56's and have had a 30mm in the past. top scopes.

    the older hungarian with the glossy paint is shorter than the new one which is the current model and has the anodised finish.

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    I have a S+B German 6x42 that has been replaced by a nightforce. I was keeping it as a spare but might sell it if you want to go secondhand.

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