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Thread: Haywards Guns, Sussex

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    Haywards Guns, Sussex

    Just a quick recommendation of the above shop, Haywards guns, Sussex. I saw a 1980's 20 bore Beretta advertised by them recently on Guntrader and had it sent to my RFD. It arrived the very next day and they were most helpful via email and very flexible about how I paid.

    So I can only recommend them, I'm sure plenty of gun dealers are as good as this but I don't buy new (to me) guns very often so haven't got any to really compare to.


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    Haywards Heath, Sussex
    Same here, currently getting me in a few different scopes and range finds in just for me to try out!

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    I also thoroughly recommend them.

    I have also know Jonathan since I was 10. I always make a point of stopping by when ever I am traveling down that way.

    They have a great range of items and a try before you buy as well on second hand stuff.

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