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Thread: long tines!

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    long tines!

    [b] hi i have added a photo of a buck i recently shot with massive tines. i have stalked the area where it was shot for many years and have not seen one like this with such height in the antlers. it is a superb head with nice form and as far as im concerned it will not be bettered by myself for such a pretty head

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    That certainly is an attractive head. Out of interest, how old was the buck?


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    middle aged i have been told.

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    Hi Olivhar01

    Wow that is some head

    Can you measure and add the length to your post

    What area did you take the fella from?



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    the left antler is 28.20 cm , the right antler is 28.80 cm , inside span is 14.90 cm. the buck was shot in somerset recently

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    Quote Originally Posted by olivhar01
    middle aged i have been told.
    How do you not know how old it is?

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    Just from appearance the beast looks on the young side of middle age and would certainly have improved in mass had it been left .But hey its still a beauty. Here is one i shot a few years back with regards front tines this fella was middle age to old.

    ps well done on such a buck.

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    thanks l.d.g i have shot many middle age - mature bucks and would also say that it looks on the young side. had a freind look at it and he thinks it to be coming up to middle age. im not a massive trophy hunter and dont get the chance for many on my ground in somerset so this is to be a once in a lifetime trophy for myself. i have land in dorset which regularly produces good bucks and have passed off the chance many a time in replacement for cull bucks

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    very nice head mate will you get it weighed? would be nice to see what it gets? will certainly make a very nice trophy

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    i will get it measured soon and am sure it will make silver

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