As a newbie to the site I thought I would follow the rules and make an introduction.

I have been stalking for many years now, mainly in the Outer Hebrides stalking red deer. I am now spending more time down south due to work commitments in London. I stalk in Dorset when I have the chance/get the invite, but having just brought myself a 243. to use on smaller deer species I am keen to get out on a regular basis.

Ideally I would like to have access to some land I can come and go relatively freely and manage deer numbers. I am not interested in trophies hence I only stalk hinds in the Hebrides. Being out in the countryside, managing the herds and taking the weakest animals is much more enjoyable.

Anyway a brief intro. If anyone wants advice on red deer in the outer hebs I can point you in the direction of some good stalking.

If anyone hears of stalking opportunities within 2 hours drive of London or Dorset/Somerset/Wilts way let me know.