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Thread: Sako Finnfire and bits

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    Sako Finnfire and bits

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	25157Sako finnfire hunter and bits
    very good condition of the above, .22 with standard lenght barell 20" IIRC ( can measure later if needed), factory screw cut and moderator( make unknown), lightweight and a nice size and proofed .22lr
    The barrel and action are in excellent condition with lovely blueing and the barrel has the screw holes and screws for open sights( but no open sights with the gun)
    the stock is a nice dark colour with very sharp chequering, no cheek piece , a straight comb and is in very good condition , there is the odd mark on the stock consistent with use and cabinet knocks but only very minor.
    It has a 5 shot magazine( i lost the 9 shot in the field once AARGH)
    Ontop it has a Simmons Whitetail Exhbition 30/30 ret 4-12x42 , sunshade, scope covers, boxed with scope sleeve, the glass and quality is first rate, much better than WTC , the only blemish is a slight crimping of the scope tube by a previous owner( mark cant been seen when in mounts and doesnt effect function at all ) and a fixed 9-13" bipod of good quality( not a good as Harris if being honest , but not a cheap copy either, just dont know the make) and will come in a Docksport hard case
    The gun as is expected of Sakos shoots fantastic and has a superb trigger and have had no issues with it at all easily popping vermin at .22lr ranges with boring predictibility
    So why am i selling, well i recently bought a Thumbhole 1417 with a short barrel as i shoot out of a vehicle a lot more and i didnt have the heart to chop the barrel of the Sako , there is nothing to choose between the two makes , in my honest opinion the stock and stubbines of the Annie suits me better , but the trigger and the mini c/f looks of the Sako are better , no difference in actual accuracy of either
    i would like 550 collected for the lot , prefer not to RFD to RFD at the present time , goes without saying slot for both gun and mod required and will be sad IF it sells but not the sad if you know what i mean if it doesnt

    Piccies tonight , hopefully
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    piccies added, i can email bigger pics for a better view if needed
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    Still available

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    would listen to offers of 475 for the rifle,mod,bipod and magazine

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    will also add 100 winnies in with the price, hard to sell guns at the moment to be honest , some real nice guns for sale( mine included) , wish it was like this a few years ago when i was looking for mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoie View Post
    will also add 100 winnies in with the price, hard to sell guns at the moment to be honest , some real nice guns for sale( mine included) , wish it was like this a few years ago when i was looking for mine
    you are sounding a bit desperate!

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    Could you please post bigger pictures as it is difficult to really appraise the package. Many thanks. I would like to recommend to a mate.

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    How does saying that there are some nice guns for sale n mine included , but not much movement in them , the lovely 20 tac, sako 204 for example , make me sound desperate? Please enlighten me
    Bigger piccies will be emailed to those who have asked

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    open to sensible offers

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    Can't believe this hasn't shifted. They are great rifles which aren't manufactured any more. Good luck with the sale,(475 is cheap).

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