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Thread: Stock fence versus deer

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    Stock fence versus deer

    Got called out yesterday afternoon to deal with this poor bugger. Fortunately for him the landowner had some friends to stay and went out for a walk and so found him. He was still alive but absolutely exhausted. Reckon he'd been there all day. After shooting him I lifted him back over the fence to un twist his leg but I still couldn't free it so had to remove his leg in situ. How he got his leg through the fencing the way he did is amazing!!
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    saw plenty like this. found one 3 years ago a fallow calf i was able to free it. i watched it limp away then a few months later i saw what i think was the same one, the foot was missing from the hock down but apart from this it was fine.

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    aye its nasty way to die , found a good few myself ,but never alive , seen a few dogs do the same!

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    Really wonder why farmers put that top strand of wire on the fence would do just as well without it.

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    Perhaps they need to try jumping that type of fence. A sure way for them to change the tone of their voices.

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    I've seen deer caught in fences like that with both 1 and 2 barbs and even with plain or no barb, an estate near us has tried everyhing to try and stop this happening but still se it.
    with no barb they somehow get there foot tangled between the top vertical and the top horz wire, i still dunno how they do it, but i think fallow are esp bad as they tend to kick there legs back when they jump, tends to be yearlings more often

    I kill all deer i see in a caught in a fence, The estate is trying to reduce numbers so it is 1 less deer but also (assuming u could free it without unduly stressing it, which takes abit off even pyhsically lifting a fallow) it is the very deer a stalker would spy and then try and cull, yearling and injured, straight to top of cull list. i have no doubt that some would survive if let out but i have also seen the damage when u butcher them lot of bruising up both haunches and often ball socket joint almost ripped out, be bloody painful for a long llong time.

    PS u really do need that extra hieght on stock fences, it depends on the stock u have but have seen continental type stock jump them with ease and as i said the deer will get stuck with the lower fence anyway, i actually think if u had the gap betwen barbs bigger it could be better for deer jumping (btm barb nearer fence, which is a good thing anyway) Looked at photo and barb is tight on net. It will happen wotever u do
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    the fence looks to be green finished ,i have found dogs dont see the green fences as well as plain galv and see older rusted wire the best ,has anyone noticed deer spot some wire better than others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Really wonder why farmers put that top strand of wire on the fence would do just as well without it.
    The problem is cattle; they'll rub on the wire if its not barbed wire and they'll pull a fence down, the buggers!

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    Though not a normal stock fence reading this reminds me of this poor fellow a wild stag that had got into a small deer enclosure he tried to jump the 8ft fence and didn't make it snapping the posts he got suffocated with that top wire, he looks like hes just standing there but his feet were not touching the ground that wire completely closing his wind pipe under his own weight, he was dead when I came across him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by olib007 View Post
    The problem is cattle; they'll rub on the wire if its not barbed wire and they'll pull a fence down, the buggers!
    It's not so much the top strand of wire the problem seems to be when there are 2 strands makes the fence just that bit high and a leg between the 2 always ends up like that. My Weimaraner dog did it a couple of years ago, lucky I was there and caught him as I was guiding him over, a fellow beater came to the rescue to un twist the wire as I had the weight of the dog in my arms. Very lucky no injury done. Fortnight later same drive I just yanked the sheep mesh up at the bottom

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