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Thread: whats the cost

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    whats the cost

    What would the cost if a rifle, moderator and ammo were taken to Africa. Airline costs, permits etc.


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    Nutty, you'll have to pay for the rifle. Presumably the moderator would be attached, or go into same case. No extra charge as far as I am aware. Your bullets should be in their original packages, separately packed and usually would go in your hold luggage. Buy a cash box to put them in. I've never had mine checked. No charge to carry them. So, to paraphrase, I reckon 50.00 each way for your rifle and that's about it. Others may well know better.

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    I decided not to take my rifle when I went the price just kept mounting 200 both ways plus 300 for decent peli case then I was recomended to pay $90 to a guy at joberg to help get my rifles through customs that's each way. So I just used the ph's rifle he didn't charge me. What you hunting and were it's addictive I going back this June but using stick and string

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    Depends on the airline. If you are going to Joburg on SAA it should be free. If using BA be prepared to get ripped off. Your ammo needs to be in a seperate box in your luggage. Also make sure your bolt is out and in the rifle case. Permit in SA is free and can be downloaded from the net. Don't sign it though until you are in front of the SA Police. Hope it all goes well but if you need any further help let me know.

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    i may be wrong but i think B.A. (bloody awful) also charge 50 e/w for your ammo. i wont use them on principle. SAA very good no charge.


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    B. A - Be Aware - 50 each for gun and case plus extra bag fee, i.e 200 each way which is expensive plus if you have an indirect flight and have to change at another UK thay often try and charge you another 50 handling fee for ammo and rifle.

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    i think a company who specialize in transporting guns to sa called air2000 charge about 100 return

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    I travelled to Namibia last year with Air Namibia and Lufthansa. The charge for carriage of the rifle was around 100, Pelic case cost, I think 70 from evilbay and a European Firearms Pass which i think was around 25. IMO it's worth every penny having a rifle with you that your a comfortable and confident with.

    Quote Originally Posted by nuttyspaniel View Post
    What would the cost if a rifle, moderator and ammo were taken to Africa. Airline costs, permits etc.


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    The planned trip is a few years away yet!!! Im just getting all into perspective... I think Ill not bother taking a rifle and rent over there!!!! I would need to buy a 30-06 or a barrel for my savage... variation, case, possible airline fees. Itll be cheaper renting 1.. There is no way i would chop my 25-06 in for a 30-06 as I love it too much and Im very much a 1 rifle person.

    cheers for your input


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    Depending on what you would be shooting 25-06 would be good enough.

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