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Thread: Magtech .22LR Semi Auto

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    Magtech .22LR Semi Auto

    Hi Everyone

    Got a Magtech .22LR for sale, Its now made by Mossberg as the Plinkster. 3 x 10 round mags, 39 X 40 Marchwood scope and moderator. Recentlyy been serviced by a gunsmith and the recoil spring replaced and a new extractor pin fitted so will cycle anything you want to put through it. I can group it in 2" at 50 meteres and has a free floating barrel. I am only asking 95 quid plus the postage to your RFD. I need the space on my ticket for a bolt action carbine I have bought.


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Test Valley-20130220-00104.jpg   Test Valley-20130220-00106.jpg   Test Valley-20130220-00107.jpg   Test Valley-20130220-00108.jpg   Test Valley-20130220-00109.jpg  

    Test Valley-20130220-00110.jpg   Test Valley-20130220-00111.jpg  

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