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Thread: zero different bullets

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    zero different bullets

    Out today to punch some paper and the results were
    80gr Bergers 85gr Sierra Gamekings and 100 gr Hornady Interlocks all shot exactly the same
    My rifle is a Howa 1500 in .243 So I am well happy with those results,anyone else got similar.
    Thanks Brian
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    My Blaser will do something similar, in fact I'd intended to shoot a target using 6 different bullet/load combinations and post it here to see what the comments would be. I'm not a great shot so it was never going to be a stellar target but I'll bet they are all close enough to make no difference.

    What you need to be careful of, however, is that that if you were shooting at 100 yards then they will almost certainly drift apart at longer ranges but I'm guessing you will be expecting that anyhow so it will not be news to you.
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    I've got some Nosler 120gr on the way, so will be interested to see the drop at 100 & 200yds compared to my usual 140gr

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    Hi Brian I get the same poi at 100 yards with Sierra 85g BTHP and Hornady 100g BTSP interlocks.

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    85grn .25-06 30mm high @ 100m
    100grn .25-06 spot on @ 100m A handy combination

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    100 grain and 85 grain NBT's shoot to the same point of aim at 100 meters in my 25-06 with 52.5 and 54.5 grains of reloader 17. but it was a pure accident!


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    My bsa cf2 243 shoots to the same point of aim with 90grain and 1oo grain got some 70 grain an 55grain to try.stuart

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    My 243 CZ 550 shoots same zero with 65 grn Vmax and 85 grn Sierra BTHP at 100 yrds.

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    50, 52 and 60gr in the .222 all shoot around an inch high

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