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Thread: Browning X bolt

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    Browning X bolt

    Anyone got/played with one of these yet? The old A bolt had a great reputation. I saw the new rifle at the CLA and am impressed - particularly with the cost.

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    Looked at one in .270 recently. Thought the build was good and the price very competitive at 685. I'd rather have one of these instead of a T3.
    If they had done it in a varmint heavy barrel .270 then I'd bought one.

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    If it was the 243 on the Rugby Gun Company stand its gone, my friend bought it

    Nice well balanced rifle knocked another 20 quid off the price 700 all in plus we also bought a North Star Mod for the pre threaded end.

    Will be fitting a Burris 3x9x40 illuminated reticle scope on it and pushing a round or two through it this weekend all being well.

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