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Thread: Replacing an existing rifle, any easy ways?

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    Replacing an existing rifle, any easy ways?

    Alright folks, I hope this has not been covered too much, i did a search and look back but couldnot see anything.

    I would like to replace an existing rifle on my ticket for a new or second hand one of the same calibre, now i know ur meant to get rid of it send ticket in to free slot then buy new rifle.

    Is there an easy/anyway to do it if i was travelling a long distance to trade it in as part off the deal and pick the new rifle up there and then, i'm thinking it's coming up to stalking fair/game fair season and it would be good to be prepared.
    But it is a rifle that is out alot (doesn't get a lot of use thou, not many foxes) foxing so i don't want to be without it for too long.

    At the moment i do have 3 spare slots on my ticket 2 rifle slots and 1 mod if that makes a difference (1-1 variation to change them to 223 so i could posses 2, then 1-1 when i get new rifle and get old rifle taken off and slot back to original)

    Or is it possible to get a temp permit to hold an extra rifle and keep that temp permit say from stalking fair till july time so if i see a rifle at a game fair (assuming i have old rifle with me) i can trade in rifle and walk away with new 1

    I take it i could trade my old 1 in and then get newer 1 RFD'd to a local shop. Only i'd prefer not to as feel guilty i havnae bought it throu them, try and support them as much as possible but not always possible.

    Apologies for this question, i'm not the type off person that really changes guns very often, once bought thats them for a good while, so not that familar with the in's and out's off it all.

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    Obtaining a temporary (Sec.7) permit is possible however be careful as some police forces issue them with a condition that the firearm shall not be fired.
    Similarly I think it unlikely that you would be issued with one valid for six or seven months. However until you ask you won't know.
    I suggest that you e-mail your firearms licensing manager, explain what you are trying to achieve (a reasonable request) and ask for advice on how to achieve it.
    Such an enquiry is not a formal application but a legitimate request for guidance. Give it a go, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Good luck.

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    Stuart if you have spare slots simply vary one of these to the calibre that you require then you can go out and simply do the exchange on the day. I can't see the police issuing a temporary permit while you still have unfilled slots on your ticket.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Cheers folks/mike.

    It just seems so much paper work for nothing if u know wot i mean, and then they wonder why there so busy!
    No doubt as soon as i change 1 of my slots the exact rifle i was looking for will come up in that calibre cheap as chips.

    Not knowing the ins and out's but u'd think be easier to issue a sec 7 for them, but that prob shows up in some statistic somewhere.

    I take it if u have no spare slots it's pretty much impossible, u'd think they would just do it like a shotgun RFD puts a line thou 1 u've traded in and writes in ur new one, send it away ONCE to police, job done, and easy for everyone

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    Stuart the RFD shouldn't be striking through anything on your shotgun certificate. They can make entries but not delete anything only the firearms department can do that.
    Yes I agree as regards the firearms certificate the system does create work for the police but you will be applying for a one for one anyway as soon as you have sold your present rifle.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I did what you want to do last year.
    I was issued a slot for the rifle I wanted, with the condition that it could not be filled until the rifle I had was disposed of, or traded in on the same deal.
    It also had a 6 month window of opportunity, after that it expired.


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    I've actually never got rid off a shotgun Mike, like i said i don't really buy or change many guns, still got my old ssshotgun i got as a 14yr old for 30, bloody shoots well too, used it quite a bit this year, barrells don't have much blue left on them thou.

    So Neil did u have a spare slot and changed that via a 1-1 or did they give u a 6 month temp slot on ur ticket. Been looking for an fac airgun and .17 and no doubt 1 or both would come up local and at right money and i would have changed slot
    Just trying to get my head round wot it is possible to ask for, my local firearms boys are pretty good (althou that may change when all police forces join in scotland)

    Cheers again

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post

    So Neil did u have a spare slot and changed that via a 1-1 or did they give u a 6 month temp slot on ur ticket.
    It was a free slot, as in effect it is a 1 for 1, just arranged in advance.


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    Northern Constabulary will condition a 1 for 1.

    The person to whom this FAC is issued is allowd to purchase/acquire a (insert calibre/cartridge) centre fire rifle on disposing of (insert calibre/cartridge) centre fire rifle.

    Or words to that effect, mine is in now to get this added, making one rifle sell/buy a piece of pee! Especially if trading in. Turn up, drop off, pick up, head home. Job Done.

    Northern are very helpful.
    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Quote Originally Posted by countrryboy View Post
    Is there an easy/anyway to do it if i was travelling a long distance to trade it in as part off the deal and pick the new rifle up there and then
    Yes. You ask for a 1-for-1 variation and they add a condition to your FAC to the effect that "the new whatever-calibre-it-is rifle may only be acquired on disposal of rifle serial number such-and-such". You sell the existing rifle, and obtain a receipt for it, whereupon you are at liberty to buy your new rifle.


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