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Thread: Help 1517 anshutz 8 shot mags

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    Help 1517 anshutz 8 shot mags

    Where to buy the above can anyone help.
    I already know about mr ward but have heard he has a very hit and miss service.
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    As far as I know Mr Ward is the only one who does them, I have one his which arrived in good time after I ordered it.

    However it's not that great, will only work reliably with a max of 7 in, others have reported no problems though

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    You were lucky to get it Anthony, I tried twice while I had a 17hmr, and twice had to get a refund after no magazine or contact from him.


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    I bought one from from the said person, i cleaned mine out lubricated it sparingly and it works fine when the mag is full but wouldn't deal with that company again, reason being too many phone calls and getting fobbed off by a girl on the other end of the phone!
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    My two arrived quickly and work fine with a full 8 rounds. If you want more than 4 rounds you may have to persevere as they seem to be the only game in town.

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