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Thread: (sigh!) Might be love.

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    (sigh!) Might be love.

    I just got back from the range session with my Hart barreled Howa two-twenty-three. I'd loaded three different bullets: A Hornady 52 grain Match, a Sierra 53 grain Match, and a Speer 50 grain TNT. All flat based HP's.

    I fired three shot groups and the smallest was .265" and the largest was .35 inches. I only fired two groups with each but, lordy! that was enough! This rifle is not fussy as long as the bullet sits over H322 powder. It could be my new favorite .223 fodder. Amazing.~Muir

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    That it might be if it shoots in various 223's ? you'll need to buy another rifle say a sako 85 stainless synthetic to be sure its not just a fluke lol !!!!!

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    Hey! That's an idea!! Perfect. Unfortunately, I would be breaking my New Year's Resolution of buying no new guns valued over $150. The Howa custom, fortunately, was a most generous gift from a friend!

    Actually, I know this accuracy is no fluke. The Sierras gave me a .34" six-shot group at the last powder weight increment. The TNT's have shown themselves to be about in the same class from this rifle. Only the Hornady's were a new test. I was sorting more of my loading gear into the new reloading room and came upon a box with 500+ of these 52 grn Match HP's. They were accurate in my .222 so I thought I'd give them a try in this .223 Howa. They were the least accurate today. Another day? They might trump the TNT's. The Sierras are, I believe, the best above all.~Muir

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    This "friend" of yours, do they need another friend???????????????????????????????????????????? ??

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