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    hi all
    I am in the market for the swarovski rangefinder binoculars 10 x42 can anyone recommend the cheapest place I can make my purchase.
    thanks in advance

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    you will be lucky to get a discount from any suppiler, very limited supply and a premium product equals no discount,my mate got a pair last month for 2200 against a trade in pair of mint zeiss rangefinders , don't know how much he threw in the pot , I must say they make the zeiss look like a piss poor cousin, they are the same size as my 10x42 EL swaros and not much heavier, top bit of kit
    good luck with your search.

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    I bought a pair last year from Optics Warehouse for 1600 or (ex VAT as I live in Switzerland) They are very good but I still prefer my Leica Geovids!

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    +1 for Opticswharehouse, allway very competitive and helpfull.

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