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Thread: Ideas for shooting pages on wild boar website

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    Ideas for shooting pages on wild boar website


    I introduce myself as a chap who runs a website about wild boar in Britain ( The website aims to provide unbiased, factual, non-judgemental, and non-sensationalised information about the UK’s wild boar population, but hopefully in an interesting way! I have recently begun adding some pages about wild boar shooting in the UK (

    Because this is such an emotive issue to those not that way inclined, I have approached the subject from the angle of responsible wildlife management, as I do not want to alienate people adverse to hunting who visit and contribute to the site. However, I think it important that if we have wild boar in the UK, it is in everyone's interest to know about these animals, whether a shooter, an 'anti', or an average 'Joe' from the silent majority.

    Whether the public likes it or not, shooting is currently recognised as the most effective way of managing wild boar populations (and Defra's immunocontraception trials are light years away from being of practical use). Therefore I would like to provide information that concentrates on enabling wildlife managers/stalkers to manage the wild boar as efficiently, humanely and safely as possible. So, if anyone has a minute or two to look at the pages, and suggest via this forum or an email to myself at how these pages can be added to, improved, or corrected, to achieve these aims for the common good (of people and pigs!), I would be extremely grateful.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank those stalkers who have helped considerbaly with these pages to-date - a big thank you!

    Dr Martin Goulding

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    A nice well balanced web site. It wil be interesting to see if the boar population grows in the UK like it has done here in Sweden . Our boar population started with escaped boar in the late 70's.
    I read in this months JägareFörbundets magazine that the Swedish Ministry of agriculture say that in the next five years we will have to shoot 200000 just to keep boar under control.

    The biggest growing cause of RTA's is now boar. Many of our main roads are fenced to stop deer and moose but of course this fencing will not stop boar.

    I look at the Uk with its better climate, agriculture and bunny hugging mentality and think you aint seen nothing yet.

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    Welcome Martin,

    As I have already commented I won't do so again and leave it for the other well informed boar men on here to give you their views.

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