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Thread: Snow causes unexpected problem

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    Snow causes unexpected problem

    Due to the snow we had recently in Devon a herd of fallow targeted a field of kale whilst they couldn't graze the pasture next door!
    I'd been asked by the farmer to keep an eye on it as it borders a wood with fallow in it. They'd barely shown any interest until the snow came. I staked it out morning and evening for 2 days and didn't see a thing as they came in after dark. Since the has snow melted they've buggered off and there's been no further damage. Farmers pretty p***ed off as they took quite a chunk of kale. Attachment 25178Attachment 25179Attachment 25180
    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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    That bit of snow certainly sharpened the appetite for them fella's no wonder your farmer's pi**ed off.

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    And that was just 3 nights worth. I followed the tracks accross the neighbouring field and reckon there were at least 12 animals coming in under the cover of darkness.
    Flogging will continue until morale improves

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