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Thread: Doe roe deer spray urine?

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    Doe roe deer spray urine?

    I was out in the snow a few weeks ago at first light when I came across a roe track which I followed for a bit. Then I found a spray of urine some 2ft wide in the snow bisected by the track. Sadly I walked through it before I thought about taking a picture with my phone. I didn't see the deer so don't know what sex it was.Attachment 25181
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    For territory marking no - I don't think so, only scent glands used for annointing. Sometimes when you see a female (deer!) 'squat' the urine sprays more than streams, guess that's the case here. Obviously red & sika stags and fallow Bucks urinate up their bellies and in to wallows but only in the rut.

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