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Thread: At what range

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    At what range

    We all have a duty to despatch our quarry as humanely as possible, and i fully appreciate that with experience bullet placement improves and you would be able to confidently increase the ranges at which we all shoot. I would consider myself a novice stalker so only have the confidence to shoot at below 120yards with deer ( decision based on meat preservation ), but regularly shoot foxes at over 200 yards successfully. after a weekend shootings gongs with mates out to 600yards. a debate started as to what distances we would accept as safe and humane distances to shoot at. i would be interested to see views of experienced stalkers and i have never had the opportunity to shoot on the open hill, so at what ranges are you expected to shoot at uip there?

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    In coming, this will open up a hornets nest the last did.
    The answer I would say is as far as you think is safe and is fair on the deer, no more than 250 in my case unless stopping an injured animal.
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    depending on conditions and area out to about 200 yards perhaps a bit further on the open hill

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    Get as close as you can, and then get 10 yards closer, to paraphrase Lea MacNally (I think).

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Ok maybe i should have researched before typing

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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Nope! I believe as a it is important that this topic also gets a humane dispatch.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

    We were so busy congratulating ourself of dodging Orwells vision we marched right into Huxley's.

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    This is (if I'm not mistaken) a stalking forum.
    We should be saying
    "Oh I got to within 20ft and got it with a perfect heart shot"
    and not
    "Jumped out of the wagon saw the beast 500yds off and blasted it"

    To me stalking is getting close enough to the animal that it has a chance - if I muck up - of getting away before the shot.

    Just my tupence worth.


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    I think this has been done to death, but in summary, if it's about 'deer stalking' it's about getting as close as possible and a good H/L shot from a steady rest. I've stalked a lot of hills, and I just don't believe anyone who says they can't get within 200yds of a deer so they have to shoot them at 300-600yds with silly sized calibres, that's just plain BS, they just don't want to get their pretty tweeds dirty and wet.

    99.999% of the time if you try, you can stalk to somewhere between 50 and 150yds of a deer and take a decent H/L shot with a calibre that's not silly-small, not stupidly big, with a bullet that's designed for deer of that size, and loaded at a speed that makes that bullet perform as it was supposed to..then, IMHO you've done right.

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    I am going to wait till those US Predator Drones are available second hand then I will be able to shoot on our place in the boarders from the midlands, and avoid both the rain and the midges :-)

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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