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Thread: banned from airgunbbs for trying to sell a brand new tikka mag!!

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    banned from airgunbbs for trying to sell a brand new tikka mag!!

    just wondering if anyone else has ever been banned from the airgunbbs site and why?i put up a post on saturday advertising a new unused tikka 595 mag in the packet i had bought a while ago but decided to throw caution to the wind and just get a metal 5 shot one,anyway it was up for an hour or so when i got a pm telling me i could not sell a new item on the site so i alterd the post to say it was brand new,second hand thinking that would be enough to satisfy the supermods,next thing i'm banned till march,i then pmed a mod "carl" asking could i not have got a warning first or a slap on the wrist,no way hosae was the reply,i then told him it was a brand new item in the packet never even taken out of the wrapper and would he prefer me to lie to everyone saying it was'nt,anyway the reply was the same "BANNED TILL MARCH" not satisfied with carls answer i asked him a few question regarding people getting banned and if moderators discussed banning individuals with a vote or just did it of there own back,we do what we want was the basic reply and if i did'nt like it you know what to do,pretty poor replies i think considering that its a very small shooting community we have in the U.K to begin with.i have never experienced problems with any other shooting website regarding buying,selling or any other shooting related matters.SO CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY AN INDIVIDUAL CAN NOT SELL A NEW ITEM IN THE PACKET AT A KNOCK DOWN PRICE ON AIRGUNBBS BUT CAN ON ANY OTHER SHOOTING SITE!!atb

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    Don't let it get to you ! There is a lot of if your face fits you can do as you like of forums. I know of one bloke from Berkshire that was selling a Moderator off ticket and put that it was suitable for a C/F ( not on this site ), When i pointed this out he got shirty and said he had no issues with what he had posted.

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    Because the AirgunBBS is owned by JS Ramsbottom and they won't allow any selling of new items on the site as they see it as competition.

    I do think that mods there can be pretty heavy handed at times, but it is a very busy site and I guess it gets tiresome repeating yourself 20+ times a day

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    Heavy handed seems like .. mind you if Alex banned those of us who put threads in the wrong sections there wouldn`t be anyone left!!
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    sell it on here feller don't fit any air rifles anyway good luck boss have a chillpill move on mty there loss

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    You broke their rules..... suck it up princess its a weeks ban

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    the rattle is truly out of the pram!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rangefinder View Post
    You broke their rules..... suck it up princess its a weeks ban

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    Banned twice now, 1st time for nearly 3 years, second time for 3 months.
    But to be fair to them, the second hand sales bit does say no new items.


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    the Mods on the BBS are pussycats nowadays, in the old days it would have been a weeks ban then a months ban for asking what the problem was seriously the rules are clear, and they did give you a chance to alter your ad.
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