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    Binoculars Lidl 9.99

    Heads up, I just bought a pair of Lidl 12 x 32 binoculars for 9.99. I wasn't expecting much but i thought i'd give them a go and if they were crap i'd take them back and get my dosh back.
    I've just been scanning the hedgerow at 17.45 as it's going dark and across to the woods, and can't believe how good they are for the money. I mean for under a tenner ,i've got a set of binos that i can leave in the glovebox and not worry about them being swiped.
    I'm not sugesting that you replace your swaros for them, but for under a tenner, it's a no brainer.
    P.s. Before anyone takes the P*ss, try them and i'm sure you'll feel the same.
    I forgot to add, they have even got a three year warranty.
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