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Thread: Stalking/driven 308 set up.

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    Stalking/driven 308 set up.

    So it's time to get a 308 mostly be used for stalking but will also be used for driven boar. I want something a bit special as it not going to be used everyday, already have a 243 for abusing.

    List at the moment is:

    sako finlight 75 always wanted one of these but not that special

    tikka t3 lite all ready have one in 243. But I've spent a fortune on it getting it the way I want it. But it's a great rifle out of the box. I know deep down if I get one of these I would just do the same again.

    Sauer highlander / elegance this is one I am more leaning to as they just look perfect.

    Whats people thoughts on sauer rifle or any other makes you can think off?

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    How about a Browning BLR in 308 with an Aimpoint sight.

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    Sauer would be a good choice for a conventional bolt action for both boar and deer. Very smooth and good feeders. A small point but it's also easy to break down for transporting if you're flying off to Europe for the boar.

    Other options that I would consider are a straight pull (Blaser or Mauser) or even a double rifle if you want to be more boar specific. Very good looking, fast for a second shot if you're about to be taken out by an angry pig and the traditional huntsman's choice.

    What optics are you going for?

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    Sorry, just to clarify: the Sauer 202 Takedown is easy to breakdown! Others might take a bit longer and involve the use of tools...!

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    Don't really want to go for straight pull, really don't like the look of the blaser's in wood. Main problem I've got is finding somewhere close that has sauer rifle in stock. Really would love to see one before I buy.

    Going to put either a zeiss ht 3-12x56 or Swarovski z6i 2-12x50 but proberlay going to go for the zeiss I've all ready got a few of there products and love them. And either get a aim point or use the iron sights for boar work if I don't get on with scopes.

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    Fair enough. I'm not a Blaser fan either. Where are you near? There might be someone on here that could point you in the right direction to look at one nearby?
    Love Zeiss but the Swarovski means that you probably wouldn't need to change for boar if you get on with it? Other option is the Swaro 1.7-10 x 42.

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    hi Beno
    I wanted 308 for same reason, i picked up a secondhand short barreled sako75 in 308. I now swap between a schmidt & bender PM2 5-25 for stalking, but remove this and the T8 and have a light Leaupold VX7 1-6x30mm. a bit of a faff swapping but in reality i dont go boar shooting every weekend !!

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